Sunday, December 23, 2007

Episode #9 - December 23, 2007

Lesson Share : Value & Perspective Construction Paper Cutout

[ images coming soon ]

Problem Solved : The Ripe Environment

That's News to Me : Jerry Bywaters Exhibit at SMU's Meadows Museum

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Ben Wilkoff said...

Thanks for linking to my post on The Ripe Environment. I have been pulling all of my writing and ideas together and I now have a new blog: Learning is Change. You can take a look at it over at Thanks for the blog love.

Julie said...

can't wait to see the pics for this one. It sounded like a really interesting lesson

Kati said...

I wish there were more of these!

Wall Estate said...

Wow. What a great blog site. I will share this information with my teachers in New York