Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Episode #4 - February 22, 2007

Lesson share : Benefit Concert Poster

Problem? Solved. : Organizing In-progress Drawings

That's News to Me

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s.o said...

Glad you're back. This is a great podcast.
On the Oscar front ... I have seen most of the movies up for "Art Direction" - I just haven't seen _Dreamgirls_ or _The Prestige_.
But, among the others ... it's got to be _Pan's Labryinth_, hands down. The movie is visually stunning and whimsical, not just the "fairy-tale" shots, but some of the scenery and "everyday characters" too. It's got a great chance - I hope it wins.

Let me also mention how great _Monster House_ is. I was able to watch it one day when I was sick, and I was very pleasantly surprised. Especially watching all the special features on the DVD, you get to realize how much new art went into making the film, and how there was a definite artistic bend to create a certain look, something almost between animated & real characters. They did ALOT of sensory scans, incorporating the moves and such from the live characters. Very cool!
BUT - I still think cars was better - a better movie all around. If I knew more about art (in general) I might have a better sense of who would win ... but don't count _Monster House_ out. It could sneak up there!

Great podcast! Can't wait to hear about the NY trip!

Brian Rhea said...


great can bet we'll be renting Monster House next week. and I've heard great things about Happy Feet, too...looks like I may have spoken too soon about Cars being the shoo-in, eh?!

Holly said...

Please post more, love the podcast!