Thursday, November 16, 2006

Episode #1 - November 16, 2006

Lesson share : Contour Line Drawing - Sign Language Hands

Tales From the Classroom : I'm from Paris, too!

Problem? Solved. : Journals & Sketchbooks

That's News to Me : Goya Painting Recovered

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Tracy Carter said...

I have a solution that may work for you with the sketchbook / journal. What I usually do is have students do one sketchbook assignment per week. They can work on the assignment for the first five minutes of class and also at home. What this allows you to do is to see if they are working on the assignment througout the week and you will know rather they have spent enough time on the sketchbook assignment. I also tell the students that they have to spend a minimum of 45 minutes on the assignment and they have 25 minutes to use in class if you allow them 5 minutes at the beginning of class every day. Let me know if you think this will work for you.

Anne said...

I have drawing books, and copy one page per week also the first one was out of a manga book they loved it taught the 9 head proportion of drawing the human figure. The second week were the proportions of the head. We don't have journals
I just hand out paper. Do you have a good vendor for sketch books . . ? Thanks for this pod cast this is my first year . . . . Anne